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Prosthetic Technology Explained

Whether you’re a new amputee or have been using prosthetic systems for many years, you may not be aware of all the recent exciting advancements in the development of prosthetic limbs.

Breakthroughs have come in new materials and new electronics, as well as new kinds of therapies. Today’s prosthetics have a wide range of functions and benefits that can help you achieve your desired activity level and lifestyle. It’s important to have a basic understanding of how a prosthetic system works, and the technologies available to you.

How to get the most out of your prosthesis

Does your prosthesis work well for you? For most people, there are 3 critical factors that make the difference.

Microprocessor knees

Prosthetic knees controlled by microcomputer technology have set the standard for stability and ease of use, especially for people who want to resume an active life.

Prosthetic Feet

Today’s prosthetic feet, including many that emulate mimic the action of an anatomical foot and add other benefits, can help you meet your activity goals.

How liners work

For someone who wears a lower limb prosthesis, liners are key to comfort. They also combine with the suspension system to connect your limb to the prosthesis.

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