Ottobock Delhi Clinic
Ottobock Delhi Clinic
Ottobock in Punjab

Ottobock in Punjab

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Ottobock Clinic in Punjab

State-of-the-art Prosthetic and Orthotic Rehabilitation Clinics in Punjab - Ludhiana and Chandigarh

A set of two state-of-the-art Rehabilitation Clinics in the heart of Punjab. One stop solution for all your Prosthetic, Orthotic, Footcare and Wheelchair requirements.

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Reach Ottobock in Punjab for your uncompromised daily mobility needs

Ottobock prosthetic solutions are designed to keep patients moving wherever they are in their rehabilitation journey. We design products to fit easily and without compromise into a patient’s life.

With a wide range of solutions, our goal is to meet every user's ideal outcome by keeping them mobile, active and independent.

Connect with us for all your Prosthetic Requirements

Our goal is to meet your ideal outcome every step of the way. From the C-Leg 4 to the latest socket technology, we're here to support your freedom of movement.

Derick spends time with his friend
Derick spends time with his friend
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