Diabetic Foot Inspection
Diabetic Foot Inspection

Foot Care Management for Diabetes

Regular visits to a diabetic foot clinic can help monitor your foot health and address issues early.

Correct care can help prevent amputation

In people with long term diabetes, often the foot loses protective sensation due to a condition called polyneuropathy. Many complications can occur due to this situation. These include ulceration, Charcot arthropathy, and infection. Each year, 2.5% of diabetics develop a foot ulcer, and the diabetic foot is the leading cause of hospitalization among diabetics and the overall leading cause of amputation.

The good news is that many of these complications are avoidable. With regular foot check up, protective footwear, self-care and control of blood sugar level you can lead a healthy life.

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Regular Check-ups

Prevention of wounds

The risk of developing diabetes or complications with diabetes are significantly reduced if you eat right, exercise regularly, avoid smoking and follow your doctor's advice on medication.

However, foot complications are common in diabetes, so it is important to take care of your feet and to see your health care professional regularly for proper foot examination.

Our services:

  • Clinical assessment by orthotic specialist.

  • Customised Insoles designed using advance digital technology - manufactured using computer aided milling (CAM).

  • High quality EVA Care and cover material - recommended for diabetic users.

  • Preventive shoes to avoid foot complications

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