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50S3 - Ankle-Foot orthotics

Malleo Sprint

Safety plus wearer comfort – for chronic instabilities

After acute ankle injuries or in case of chronic instabilities, the modern active orthosis securely stabilises your ankle. Meanwhile you are still able to tilt your foot up and down – so that your freedom of movement is not restricted while walking or during sports.

The excellent anatomical fit, comfortable padding and the breathable, skin-friendly material ensure a high level of wearer comfort.

Terms and conditionsInjury during sports, recreation and work
User groupadults
ApplicationsBracing & Support/ (OTS)
All specifications

Product information

Terms and conditionsInjury during sports, recreation and work
User groupadults
ApplicationsBracing & Support/ (OTS)
Functional principlesother
MaterialTextile, Plastic
Product typeAnkle support, flat knitted

Product Data

Article numberSizeSideColorHeel circumference
50S3=XS-1XSboth sidesGrey25.5 - 28.0 cm
50S3=S-1Sboth sidesGrey28.0 - 30.5 cm
50S3=M-1Mboth sidesGrey30.5 - 33.0 cm
50S3=L-1Lboth sidesGrey33.0 - 35.5 cm
50S3=XL-1XLboth sidesGrey35.5 - 38.0 cm



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Falling or twisting the ankle, which often occurs during sports, can cause ligament injuries. In many cases, an operation followed by several weeks of immobilisation used to be unavoidable. Thanks to modern braces such as the Malleo TriStep multi-function brace, an operation is often no longer required. Patients can bear weight on their foot and move it sooner as well. What’s more, the structure of the Malleo TriStep allows the brace to be adapted to the three different phases of healing. The ankle joint is stabilised in a targeted manner following an acute injury. Later, the foot can be gradually accustomed to movement. All of this is accomplished with just one brace, which can be adapted to the respective phase in a few simple steps. The Malleo TriStep was developed in cooperation with renowned orthopaedic specialists, sports physicians, biomechanics, therapists and O&P professionals.