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LP2-W2~50_B - Foot prosthetics

Freestyle Swim

Take to the water.
Do you enjoy being in the water but find that swimming or getting to the water without a prosthetic foot is uncomfortable for you?With the Freestyle Swim, you don’t have to think twice about going swimming. Thanks to the adjustable ankle joint, you can walk to the water with your prosthetic foot and, when you get there, prepare it for swimming by simply pushing a button.
Product typeMechanic
Mobility grade2, 3, 4
Max. body weight116 kg
All specifications
Benefits at a glance

Freestyle Swim – powerful and efficient

Adjustable ankle joint
To the pool or lake and back in comfort

The Freestyle Swim can be used for walking to the water, in the water and as a swimming foot. By simply pushing a button, the foot can be tilted by 70° and converted for the purpose you need right then.

Swimming with less effort
Swimming with less effort

The 70° tilt of the prosthetic foot reduces its water resistance while swimming. This lets you move through the water more easily.

Swimming with flippers
Swimming with flippers

The Freestyle Swim lets you swim with flippers. You can swim more quickly with less effort when wearing flippers.

Water resistance
Water resistance

The Freestyle Swim is made for the water. The prosthetic foot is resistant to fresh, salt and chlorinated water, making it ideal for your next holiday by and in the sea.

User Experience


With the Freestyle Swim, I can simply walk to the water and prepare the prosthetic foot for swimming with my flippers at the push of a button. It’s great to be independent in the water again, just like I used to be!


Product information

Product typeMechanic
Mobility grade2, 3, 4
Max. body weight116 kg
Amputation levelTransfemoral amputation, Transtibial amputation
User groupadults



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