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TF Design – the easy way to order check sockets

TF Design is a free software solution for designing customised check sockets, helping you complete your fittings quickly, easily, efficiently and in high quality. TF Design is an outstanding alternative to the conventional plaster cast technique, offering a host of benefits for you and your patients.

Software and tips


Reach your destination faster

TF Design is a software solution for the custom design of check sockets, providing an outstanding alternative to the classic plaster cast technique.

All socket shapes were developed based on clinically proven knowledge and our experts’ many years of expertise. The default design options allow for quick training and provide support where socket design is concerned. This makes TF Design a great starting point for digitalisation.

The latest version of the software offers you improved socket models as well as patches that are usefully positioned from a biomechanical perspective to improve your treatment results.


Advantages at a glance



  • You eliminate elaborate plaster casting, plaster modelling, vacuum forming and, when using adapters from iFab, adapter assembly

  • Saves 4–5 hours of your time

  • Delivery within one working day



  • Consistently high Ottobock quality

  • Approval for six months as an interim socket

  • Check sockets with vacuum forming adapters feature a more appealing look than adapters mounted with putty



  • Managing patient data

  • Easy to track treatment history

Advantages for the patient

Advantages for the patient

  • No uncomfortable plaster casting

  • Less time required

  • Measurements can be taken in the hospital or at the patient’s home



Positive model

  • Schaumstoffmodell aus blasenfreiem Hartschaum für einen Test- oder Interimsschaft

  • Geeignet für Tiefziehverfahren

Check socket

  • Check or interim socket made of proven ThermoLyn material

Positive model and check socket

  • Foam model made of bubble-free rigid foam for a check socket or interim socket

  • Suitable for vacuum forming

  • Check socket or interim socket made of proven ThermoLyn material

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