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Sports products

Whether you’re a newcomer, amateur or Paralympic gold medal winner – our Sportsline products aim to make you faster, happier and more agile.


Whether it’s an eccentric ritual or an uncontrolled display of emotion, the greatest passions often reveal themselves in the smallest details. And it’s the way we give unmistakable expression to how much we love our sport. The same applies to the innovative products developed by Ottobock, which are used not only by amateurs in recreational activities and popular sports but also by professional athletes. Together with Paralympic athletes, we’ve developed sports products with an eye to detail; their form and function have been perfected for your chosen sport. Why? To make sure you get that extra kick of endorphins, even when you’ve finished training.

Running prostheses

Running with a prosthesis

Whether you’re aiming for a personal best or just chasing the next adrenalin kick – our running prostheses will help you get there.

Prostheses for team sports

Team sports with prostheses

If you want to give your best, rely on the best. Our prostheses for team sports and field sports give you the support you need so you can focus on giving your all.