Your new colleagues

Ottobock has many faces, and every employee's work and motivation contributes to the success of the company as a whole. We are delighted to be able to introduce a few of the people who work at Ottobock personally to you here.

They manage processes, handle enquiries, organise, assist, train, consult, develop and research.
We hope you enjoy meeting our colleagues and gain an interesting insight into our company.

Bridge Builder

For Simone Oehler, facts come first. Oehler is head of testing at Ottobock and her responsibilities include making sure all products the company develops at its Duderstadt location and introduces to the market are tested for safety and functionality. So against this background, it's interesting that she refers to herself as a “scientist for everyday life”.


Inventive Genius

Always thinking one step ahead and looking for unconventional solutions, too. That's Martin Pusch's daily goal. He was interested in technology when he was still a child and repaired electrical devices and kitchen appliances; later he became a radio and TV technician. But he really wanted to help people with modern technology. He ultimately studied biomedical engineering and has now been an engineer at Ottobock for 26 years.


Traffic Cop

She assists the technical field service team in organising trial fittings and certifications, obtains information and coordinates dates for the entire technical field service team for prosthetics at Otto Bock HealthCare Germany. The organising talent: Walburga Osmer, assistant in prosthetics sales management. "I want to make things happen in my job. I want to do my bit towards making sure our workflows here function properly and our customers and users are satisfied."


Problem Solver

“I work with many people and materials. Not many jobs offer as much variety as mine,” says Jörg Menke about his everyday work. He has been working at Ottobock in the technical field service for lower limb prosthetics for seven years. He supports medical supply companies, clinics and therapy practices from North Hesse to North Rhine-Westphalia with adjustments, trial prosthetic fittings and certifications.