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Gaining an insight into the daily routine of Jörg Menke

"I work with many people and materials. Not many jobs offer as much variety as mine," says Jörg Menke about his everyday work. He has been working at Ottobock in the technical field service for lower limb prosthetics for seven years. He supports medical supply companies, clinics and therapy practices from North Hesse to North Rhine-Westphalia with adjustments, trial prosthetic fittings and certifications. The social element always takes centre stage in his work: "It feels great coming home in the evening, knowing that I helped someone obtain greater mobility with a fitting."

Equipped with a broad product portfolio and the required technical tools, Jörg Menke starts his work week. Flexibility is always essential for him: "When I get up on Monday morning, I never know for sure what awaits me during the week." The sales team at company headquarters helps him plan and coordinate his appointments. But nearly every day, he makes spontaneous customer visits and tackles exciting challenges.

To get a closer look at what his job involves, the editorial team accompanied Jörg Menke to an appointment. The destination is Sanitätshaus Rahm, a medical supply company in Troisdorf located in the Rhine region near Bonn – an Ottobock customer for many years. A trial prosthetic fitting with the C-Leg is on the agenda, which will complete the certification of master prosthetist Markus Rehm. After attending a one-day seminar on C-Leg fittings in Duderstadt, he is now completing this practical training.

Prosthetic socket positioning is the first step, with Jörg Menke at his side to offer advice and support. Using the PROS.A. Assembly alignment apparatus, he shows Markus Rehm how to adapt the modular lower limb prosthesis to the user's individual dimensions. Then they use the C-Soft adjustment software to check the functions of the joint and calibrate it for 65-year-old Dieter D., whose left leg had to be amputated at the thigh at the end of 2013 because of diabetes.

Jörg Menke is just as friendly in his interactions with users as he is with his customers. Before Dieter D. attempts to take his first steps with the C-Leg, Jörg Menke explains the various functions to him in detail and describes the important aspects of the prosthesis: "In order to fully utilise the variety of functions offered by the hydraulic knee joint, it's important that the user can stand and walk comfortably."

With a bit of practice, Dieter D. is able to reliably trigger the swing phase of the C-Leg – for Jörg Menke and Markus Rehm, this indicates that the prosthesis has been optimally configured. With the L.A.S.A.R. Posture measuring device, they determine the body's centre of gravity and make the fine adjustments.

Dieter D. experiences his first successes in Sanitätshaus Rahm's in-house gait training centre. He starts out with two crutches, then uses only one and finally none at all, gaining confidence one step at a time. Supported by a railing, he practices walking on slopes and stairs. "I'm going to start with the highest stairs," he announces full of energy.

Jörg Menke, Markus Rehm and Stephan Schneider, head of the workshop at Sanitätshaus Rahm, are thrilled by this result. "Seeing users gain more independence with our products shows us that we are a good team," the three specialists agree. Sanitätshaus Rahm has been working with Ottobock for 40 years. "We rely on the good quality of the products, new technologies and expert advice. At Ottobock, everything is on a sound footing," says Stephan Schneider with a wink.

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