Super Sleuth

Our employee in after-sales service

"I always have to think a bit at first when my friends ask me what exactly I do at Ottobock," says Lukas Wagner with a wink. And that's exactly the point. Lukas works behind the lines, he makes contacts, communicates through many channels, brings people together and combines knowledge. But the goal is always to make sure that Ottobock service gets where it's supposed to be – to our customers and the people who use our products.

“The best way to describe my job is to say I'm the interface to the trainers who train our Ottobock service technicians around the world,” says Lukas Wagner. The Ottobock service technicians are needed when a product requires servicing or is defective. In these cases, our customers and the users expect fast, competent, professional assistance. To ensure this, the Ottobock service technicians are continuously trained to ensure that their specific know-how is always up to date. “"I create uniform, high-quality standards for these training events,” explains Lukas Wagner. “I speak with many colleagues from the various departments and research & development and bundle their expertise for our trainers. I combine the specific technical know-how found in many different places at Ottobock.” This ensures that the Ottobock service technicians all around the world can be trained according to uniform high standards.

“For me, good service is an important part of every product we sell,” says Lukas Wagner. “Every day, I help to make sure that our experts are always there to help you quickly and competently with the latest know-how – anywhere in the world.”

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