Inventive Genius

Our development manager Martin Pusch

Always thinking one step ahead and looking for unconventional solutions, too. That's Martin Pusch's daily goal. He was interested in technology when he was still a child and repaired electrical devices and kitchen appliances; later he became a radio and TV technician. But he really wanted to help people with modern technology. He ultimately studied biomedical engineering and has now been an engineer at Ottobock for 26 years.

“New developments need good ideas. We cannot guarantee good ideas, but we can create an atmosphere that encourages them,” said Martin Pusch when he was offered the position of director of strategic technology management 14 years ago. “The important thing is that we communicate with one another, listen to each other,” he says. “Many solutions are found after a good question has been formulated.” The 54-year-old is a leading expert for technology transfer and, as development manager, he is responsible for testing and for electronic development at Ottobock in Duderstadt. He is also in charge of exhibits and experiments for trade shows and exhibitions. “Visitors can touch, feel, experience, learn the background and discover principles that were not clear before.” Martin Pusch gets his best ideas when he is relaxed. “When I have an idea that brings me closer to a solution, I consider it a windfall,” says Martin Pusch. At such times, he immediately jots his idea down on paper. What drives him every day? “Helping people.”

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