Traffic Cop

Our assistant in prosthetics sales management

“I juggle my tasks every day”

She assists the technical field service team in organising trial fittings and certifications, obtains information and coordinates dates for the entire technical field service team for prosthetics at Otto Bock HealthCare Germany. The organising talent: Walburga Osmer, assistant in prosthetics sales management. "I want to make things happen in my job. I want to do my bit towards making sure our workflows here function properly and our customers and users are satisfied."

When asked about her job, Walburga Osmer shows us a large Excel table highlighted with 14 different colours. This is the schedule she uses to coordinate the daily routine of 14 technical field service employees in prosthetics. "The challenge is to estimate the distances between customers from all over Germany, take the main activities of our field service staff into consideration, and distribute the appointments evenly," she explains.

Walburga Osmer's daily routine also includes correspondence and phone service for customers and users and close cooperation with her co-workers. "I frequently get spontaneous requests from our field service staff such as 'Could you send me a replacement product quickly? I need important software or certain informational material by tomorrow.'" This is all part of a typical day's work. Fast action is needed in such cases because the field service employees have to be able to rely on her completely. She also prepares training plans for new technical field service employees, organises further training programmes and sometimes events as well. "I juggle my tasks daily. It doesn't hurt to think outside the box."

Walburga Osmer has worked at Ottobock for 37 years now. Cooperation with the customers who rely on her service is still especially important to her. "We have become like a big family. I enjoy every day as if it were the first," says Walburga Osmer, who is also on the go in her free time. The secret recipe of the energetic woman from Nesselröden: "I engage in sports with my daughter. I get a good workout with tennis, skiing and jogging to keep fit for the next day of work."

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