Our company structure is defined by numerous different players and economic action with many degrees of freedom. The resulting complex requirements and continuously changing legal and normative frameworks demand clear standards and rules for company management and in our collaboration.

In order to ensure compliance with these rules, which include applicable laws, guidelines, standards and agreements, Ottobock company management has introduced a compliance management system.

Our code of conduct, the internal anti-corruption and business behaviour guideline, and compliance culture based on trust form important pillars of the Ottobock compliance management system.

This system is continually developed in order to satisfy current legal requirements and the general values of society.

When implementing our compliance goals, we as a family company place particular value on open communication, honesty and cooperation based on partnership between all employees and with our customers and business partners.


Ottobock SE & Co. KGaA

Regina Thums
Head of Legal & Compliance
Max-Näder-Straße 15
37115 Duderstadt

Phone: +49 5527 848 3606

Code of Conduct

By taking into account international standards for human rights, employment, environmental protection and anti-corruption, Ottobock with its code of conduct follows the universally recognised principles of the United Nations Global Compact.


Reporting office

The reporting office serves to provide all employees, customers and business partners with the opportunity to report severe misconduct or breaches of compliance so that these issues can be resolved internally and damages to our customers or the company can be avoided in future.