Corporate Social Responsibility

Ottobock is aware of the importance of sustainability. Responsible social action and economic success have gone hand in hand at the family-owned company since it was founded in 1919. Ottobock sees it as its responsibility to not only maintain standards, but continually improve them. Corporate sustainability, or corporate social responsibility, is therefore a component of the management process. It helps the company scrutinise routines from a critical perspective, spark innovations and strengthen our economic success.

For this reason, Prof. Hans Georg Näder considered it a matter of course that Ottobock would join the UN Global Compact initiative. With over 15,000 participants, the UN Global Compact is the world’s largest corporate responsibility initiative. Kofi Annan, then Secretary-General of the United Nations, laid the foundation for the initiative in 1999 when he called upon companies to actively promote sustainable development. It aims to recognise and put into practice ten universal principals in the areas of human rights, fair labour standards, environmental protection and the prevention of corruption.

Companies have long been aware of the importance of sustainable business practices. A commitment to increasing sustainability offers significant business opportunities and is the prerequisite for future success. Companies will only be able to maintain their long-term market success if they leave future generations an intact ecological, social and economic structure.

The initiative now has over 400 signatories in Germany alone. In September 2015 the international community adopted the 2030 Agenda – a global list of goals focusing on increased sustainability in the private sector. The UN Global Compact is serving as a central partner in efforts to implement these goals.

By signing the Compact at the end of 2015, Prof. Hans Georg Näder confirmed that Ottobock and each of its employees would assume responsibility for all of the company’s activities and take the ten principles into account within its strategies, guidelines and procedures. The company will now be sharing information on its activities each year in a progress report.

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