Otto Bock Healthcare Products GmbH

Otto Bock Healthcare Products GmbH in Vienna is one of Ottobock’s key research and development locations. The international Competence Center for mechatronics develops and produces high-tech prostheses for the global market. Outstanding achievements in the field of medical research and development are produced here. The results are the foundation for successful innovations that improve quality of life.
Using its Vienna location as a base, Ottobock is also involved in national and international cooperative partnerships in the field of research and development.

OekoBusiness Wien operation

In March 2017, Executive City Councillor for the Environment Ulli Sima recognised the Vienna location as an “OekoBusiness Wien” (EcoBusiness Vienna) operation for the first time – and as the only Viennese company in the ISO 50001 category.

Facts and figures

Employment figures and information on the organisational structure of Otto Bock Healthcare Products GmbH offer a glimpse into a globally successful company.
Our vision is to provide people with maximum independence and mobility.


F&E and operations in Vienna

Mechatronic products for the upper and lower limbs are developed and produced in Vienna. The range is extensive and includes products such as the C-Leg, Genium, Genium X3, the Michelangelo Hand and the DynamicArm. The C-Brace®, the first electronically controlled leg orthosis, was also developed in Vienna.



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Our athletes

Ottobock’s commitment to sports for people with disabilities has long been an important part of the company’s philosophy. Ottobock in Austria supports Patrick Mayrhofer (snowboard), Thomas Grochar (downhill skiing) and Alexander Pototschnig (athletics).