The Management

Otto Bock HealthCare is headed by owner and CEO Professor Hans Georg Näder, the third generation of the family. The global management team comprises all functions that are particularly important for the management of the company. In addition to the executive board this includes the heads of business units and some key executives with special responsibilities.

Prof. Hans Georg Näder

A dedicated family entrepreneur

Since it was established in 1919, Ottobock has been an owner-managed family business. Now in its third generation, it is headed by Professor Hans Georg Näder, the grandson of the company founder.

Professor Hans Georg Näder took over management of the business in 1990 at the age of 28. Since then, he has successfully continued his grandfather's and father's work. As President of the Otto Bock Holding and Otto Bock HealthCare GmbH, he is responsible for more than 6,000 employees in 50 countries.

Professor Näder leads his company as the head of a team, supported by outstanding managers on the executive board and in the regions and respective countries. In 2003 he was elected "Entrepreneur of the Year" for his entrepreneurial performance and in 2005 he was honoured with the State Award of Lower Saxony. In 2009 he was named "Manager of the Year" and in 2011 honorary citizen of his home town of Duderstadt.

Executive Board

The executive board represents Otto Bock HealthCare on behalf of the owner. It includes the interdepartmental functions of the company.

Prof. Hans Georg Näder


Born in Duderstadt in 1961

Harry Wertz

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) / Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Born in Grathem, the Netherlands in 1957
With Ottobock since 1984

Dr. Andreas Goppelt

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Born in Erlangen in 1967
With Ottobock since 2015
Scope of responsibilities at Ottobock: as Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Andreas Goppelt is responsible for Research & Development, Quality Management and Regulatory Affairs. He is also responsible for Medical Affairs.

Christin Gunkel

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Born in Leinefelde in 1981
With Ottobock since 2005
Scope of responsibilities at Ottobock: Christin Gunkel is Chief Marketing Officer, responsible for Marketing Communication including digital marketing, brand management and Paralympic partnerships (sport sponsoring).

Dr. Sönke Rössing

Chief Strategy & Human Resources Officer (CSHRO)

Born in Bonn in 1976
With Ottobock since 2009
Scope of responsibilities at Ottobock: Dr. Sönke Rössing is in charge of Strategy & Human Resources. His area of responsibility also encompasses strategy development for the Ottobock Group and its mergers & acquisitions activities. This harmonises with his responsibilities at Ottobock HealthCare for Global Human Resource Management and Learning & Development, as well as Human Resources Shared Services in the group.

Thorsten Schmitt

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Born in Wedel in 1962
With Ottobock since 1993
Scope of responsibilities at Ottobock: as Chief Operating Officer, Thorsten Schmitt is responsible for Facility Management, Production, Purchasing, Logistics and After-Sales Service for the whole group.

Heads of Business Units & Key Executives

The centrally led business units are responsible for products. The key executives bundle responsibilities that are significant for overall company management.

Reinhard Halbach

Head of BU MedicalCare

Born in Wuppertal in 1957
With Ottobock since 2016
Scope of responsibilities at Ottobock: Reinhard Halbach is head of business unit MedicalCare.

Dr. Helmut Pfuhl

Head of BU Prosthetics

Born in Einbeck in 1961
With Ottobock since 1995
Position at Ottobock: Dr. Helmut Pfuhl is head of the business unit Prosthetics.

Christian Stenske

Head of BU Human Mobility

Born in Regensburg in 1975
With Ottobock since 2017
Position at Ottobock: Christian Stenske is head of the business unit Human Mobility.

Frank Bömers

Head of BU Orthotics

Born in Euskirchen in 1963
With Ottobock since 2014
Position at Ottobock: Frank Bömers is head of the Orthotics business unit and responsible for Rehband Stockholm.

Philip Hilgers

Executive Vice President Group Business Controlling

Born in Cologne in 1962
With Ottobock since 01/06/2002
Scope of responsibilities at Ottobock: Philip Hilgers is responsible for the management of global sales data as well as the reporting regarding global sales and margins. Heading the “Excellence Execution” he coordinates global initiatives at top management level. Furthermore Philip Hilgers is responsible for internal counselling.

Ralf Stuch

Executive Vice President Global Sales

Born in Bonn in 1962
With Ottobock since 2002

Regina Thums

Head of Legal Department

Born in Göttingen in 1967
With Ottobock since 2002
Scope of responsibilities at Ottobock: Regina Thums is head of the Ottobock legal department and is responsible for global legal affairs of the Ottobock group and for the legal affairs at the shareholder level of the family-run business.