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Empower foot prosthesis

Empower foot prosthesis for powerful movements

The Empower is the only active prosthetic foot available on the market. Integrated sensors and microprocessors control the required propulsion, movement resistance and range of motion for every step the user takes. Thanks to this functionality, the Empower mimics the original functions of the muscles and tendons and gives leg amputees a nearly natural gait pattern.

A man wearing an Empower foot prosthesis walks along a path in the rain with an umbrella in one hand and two children by his side.

Users who wear conventional prosthetic feet have to expend a great deal of energy to carry out everyday tasks. This means that they tire more quickly and are often unable to keep up throughout their day. The Empower on the other hand delivers the energy that is required for forward or upward movement thanks to its powered propulsion feature. As a result, prosthesis users can walk more quickly, cover greater distances without tiring and also climb stairs without significant effort.

The Empower also adapts to the respective slope of the ground, making it easier to traverse rough terrain. Rain, snow and dirty environments are also no obstacle for the prosthetic foot – it's made of weatherproof materials.

An additional advantage ‒ the Empower enables a smooth movement sequence thanks to nearly natural ankle movement. This reduces the strain on the joints and prevents secondary orthopaedic problems such as osteoarthritis over the long term.

Active drive

The integrated battery is easy to change and its compact design makes it highly portable. Users can check the battery charge level at any time with a touch of a button.

Featuring an active drive, the Empower represents a key building block in the development of an intuitively controlled prosthetic leg. This has already been successfully implemented in arm prosthetics by the complex treatment procedure known as “targeted muscle reinnervation” (TMR).

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