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Paexo Back exoskeleton

Perceptible relief for the back muscles during lifting

Around one in ten people in Germany experiences back pain every day. People who do strenuous physical work, for example in the logistics sector, are particularly affected. Loading and unloading packages from lorries puts strain on employees’ backs. This can lead to musculoskeletal disorders.

Ottobock offers a number of technical solutions in the Paexo product line that promote healthy working conditions that enable people to continue working over the long term. The Paexo Back exoskeleton relieves the lower back in particular during lifting work. The Industrials business unit developed the exoskeleton in close cooperation with logistics experts and employees at warehouses and parcel distribution centres.

The exoskeleton functions according to a biomechanical principle ‒ like with a backpack, the load is supported on the shoulders and transferred to the thighs with the help of the exoskeleton’s support structure. An energy store absorbs energy while bending and releases it again during lifting. This results in perceptible relief of up to 25 kilograms for the lumbar spine.

Innovative and lightweight

The Paexo Back is equipped with an innovative mechanical control at the hip that automatically distinguishes between bending and walking and switches itself off during walking. This gives employees full freedom of movement. Plus, the degree of support is continuously variable using the rotary knob for adjustment to different work steps.

Paexo Back is a passive exoskeleton that does not need an energy supply. Weighing in at just four kilograms, it is much lighter than actively driven systems. The exoskeleton can be put on and taken off in only 20 seconds, and is comfortable even when worn for longer periods.

Exoskeleton for more ergonomic work conditions

In this way, the Paexo Back reduces critical physical strain during work. This type of preventive relief could reduce the risk of work-related disorders in the back over the long term. These disorders are the most common cause for inability to work in Germany and Europe and therefore a significant cost factor for companies and healthcare systems.

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