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Comprehensive hygiene in orthopaedic workshops and in patient care

The Ottobock plasma generator and Calistair C300 air purifier disinfect indoor air without disrupting operations

Hygiene plays a decisive role in the medtech industry. Now more than ever, special conditions during the coronavirus crisis pose a fundamental challenge to O&P professionals. How can they protect themselves and their patients from infection? Ottobock, a medtech company based in Lower Saxony, has the answer: a comprehensive hygiene portfolio for orthopaedic companies that will help them as they move forward to the new normal. The initiative has been named #backtotreatment.

The latest arrival: a plasma generator that disinfects indoor air without disrupting operations. This will be of particular benefit to people who work in orthopaedic workshops. Also new on the market is the Calistair C300, a special air decontamination unit equipped with hospital technology. This is an ideal solution that complements existing ventilation systems in patient care environments. Behind Calistair is a French company, an investment of the HGN Incubator Startup Portfolio. Calistair specialises in indoor air decontamination solutions for ultra-clean environments such as clean rooms, laboratories or hospitals.

"When people talk, they emit tiny, invisible aerosols. These microscopically small droplets float around the room and may contain airborne viral or bacterial pathogens that pass from person to person," explains product manager Sebastian Hoch. To eliminate this risk, Ottobock Equipment has added the plasma generator to its portfolio. The disinfection unit generates cold plasma, which then effectively attacks viral and bacterial pathogens in the air and on surfaces, inactivating them within thirty minutes.

The cold plasma, in the form of hydroxyl radicals, triggers a chemical chain reaction that has been shown (in controlled tests conducted by the German Society for Hygiene and Microbiology) to eliminate up to 99.99% of all germs. What's more, the plasma generator can be used during working hours, and it's quiet and compact.

99.4% fewer coronavirus pathogens after just 10 minutes*

The Calistair C300 is ideal not only for people who work in patient care, but also for retirement homes, nursing homes and childcare facilities. When used in rooms up to 60 m² in size, it significantly reduces the risk of infection and thus protects people's health. Equipped with Calistair's innovative technology, the decontamination unit attacks and destroys harmful substances within just a few minutes. The technology used in the unit combines multiple catalysts that are layered on a honeycomb structure and activated by UVC light. This enables the unit to destroy viruses, bacteria, fungi, allergens, volatile organic compounds, gases and odours in an exceptionally effective manner, even when strong air currents are present.

"This unique technology is already being used in clean rooms, laboratories, operating theatres and other rooms in hospitals – wherever high quality air and sterility are of the essence. We're now offering private customers the same professional decontamination technology in the compact Calistair C300," explains Alain Hachet, CEO for Calistair.

Sebastian Hoch from Ottobock adds, "Patients who need medtech devices have to interact closely with O&P professionals and therapists. They can't avoid personal contact if they want to stay mobile. The Calistair C300 is the ideal solution because it ensures that visits to the patient care facility are as hygienic and safe as possible."

* In controlled test conditions, 99.4% of the test viruses were rendered harmless within 10 minutes.

Ottobock's hygiene portfolio

The Calistair C300 air purifier and the new plasma generator are ideal additions to our hygiene portfolio for orthopaedic companies. Another effective method for fighting germs is the automatic indoor disinfectant fogger. At the press of a button, this emits a fine spray that eliminates pathogens in medical supply companies. Mobile screens for sales counters prevent face-to-face contact and reduce the risk of droplet infection.

Ottobock's new hygiene station comprises all you need in a single unit that can be used for hand sanitizing as well as cleaning or disinfecting orthopaedic devices. Users can operate the disinfectant and soap dispensers or the tap with their forearm. For extra protection, the portfolio includes a special hand wash for maximum hand hygiene and personal protective gear including chemical gloves, latex-free examination gloves and disposable dust masks.

"The coronavirus pandemic has shown us how important preventive measures are for stopping the spread of disease and protecting employees and patients in medical facilities. Our hygiene portfolio makes it simpler and easier to implement consistent preventive measures in such environments. And we're currently working on various contemporary solutions to help orthopaedic companies in their day-to-day work," promises Sebastian Hoch.

Read more: https://pe.ottobock.com/en/hygiene.html

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