Friday, 10 February 2017

Design for back support

Ottobock products win German Design Award

Today, the German Design Awards 2017 are due to be presented in Frankfurt am Main. A panel of judges will be awarding prizes for product and communication design during the course of the Ambiente, the leading international trade fair for consumer goods. Ottobock's Dyneva back brace is set to receive an award in the "Excellent Product Design Medical" category. This brace, designed to relieve movement-induced pain, was developed for patients with lumbar spinal stenosis or facet joint syndrome. It allows users to walk longer distances once again, and participate actively in daily life.

The dynamic brace has an open metal frame construction with three support points on the back area, two above the shoulder blades and one on the sacrum. The entire front of the brace – including the fastener – is made of fabric, making the brace much more comfortable to wear. Besides revolutionising the basic function, development also focussed on the design and wearer comfort. The open metal construction on the back, for example, prevents wearers from overheating in summer. "Design plays a key role in the field of medical engineering. Our products can only support therapy if they are actually put to use. And patients will only use a product regularly if it is designed well and functions well," says Frank Bömers, head of the Orthotics business unit at Ottobock.

Besides the Dyneva back brace, two further products which were developed for the international market – the 1C10 Terion prosthetic foot and the 3R62 Pheon prosthetic knee joint – will be receiving awards.

Information on the Dyneva back brace:The Dyneva is a dynamic brace which was specially designed for lumbar spinal stenosis. Unlike conventional braces, the Dyneva encourages wearers to participate actively once again in daily life. With its spring mechanism, the Dyneva successfully and sustainably reduces motion segment and facet joint compression caused by muscle strength. This straightens the lower back, expands the spinal canal and enables the wearer to walk for longer distances. The Dyneva is a conservative treatment option for active patients.

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