Friday, 04 September 2020

Even more training positions planned for the future

Forty junior employees get off to a flying start on the training year at Ottobock: On the second day of the orientation programme, one of the challenges for the team was group rope skipping.

40 trainees make a “COVID safe” start to their careers

On 1 September, the training year at Ottobock started for 40 junior employees – under special conditions due to the coronavirus pandemic. The training team restructured the three-day orientation programme to comply with safety precautions. “The ‘welcome to the company’ talk, introduction to the workstations and tour of the Duderstadt facility – all of this worked well in small groups with social distancing or face masks,” says Stefanie Senhen, Head of Training.

On the second day, the focus was on getting to know each other, this time outdoors on a hike with the trainers. The new co-workers were divided into four groups and performed tasks together along the way. For example, they solved puzzles, filmed a video and exchanged ideas on various topics. The third day of the programme was also “COVID safe”. In a video meeting, the representatives of the junior employees and trainees introduced themselves, and Heinrich Popow talked about the challenges he faces as an amputee and Paralympic athlete as well as describing his duties as an Ottobock ambassador.

“The new concept is working out especially because everyone involved ‒ both the trainees and trainers ‒ are working as a team and adapting quickly to the new situation,” explains Senhen. This includes following the new hygiene rules during work, for example in the training workshop, learning at home and modified working hours. “All trainees quickly became involved in the new forms of communication ‒ from online lectures and virtual working groups to video meetings. That’s really a great achievement!”

Despite the uncertain economic situation at present, Ottobock is planning on further expanding its training programme next year. “We look forward to helping over 50 young people get started in their careers in 2021, both in trade and commercial training and in dual education programmes,” reports Senhen. The company is placing a special emphasis on expanding the dual education programme for the Duderstadt and Berlin sites in response to the lack of qualified professionals. The programmes in business information systems, supply chain management, industrial engineering, media and communication management and precision engineering were introduced in 2019 and 2020. Additional places for students in these fields are planned for 2021.

Furthermore, the number of commercial occupations will be increased at the Königsee site in 2021. “Recruiting young trainees from the region to replace employees who are retiring has worked well for us. The site in Thuringia will continue to need trainees in the future, especially for our assembly operations,” explains Senhen.

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