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Exoskeletons for industry and logistics

New products and online events to mark the digital Hannover Messe

Three product innovations, applications from the logistics and automotive sectors and a glimpse into the future of exoskeletons – these are the highlights of the Ottobock Industrials theme week. From 12 to 15 April 2021 – during the Hannover Messe Digital Edition – the company will be presenting its innovations in online events.

“We will be demonstrating the importance of exoskeletons for healthy workplaces. They provide significant relief for the body during strenuous activities such as overhead work or lifting packages,” says Dr Sönke Rössing, Head of Ottobock Industrials. “Exoskeletons can make it possible for people to continue working longer while protecting their health – whether in industry, logistics or trades.”

Those who are interested can follow the programme at The online events are free of charge and will be held in German and in English. Details of the programme:

12 April – Focus on innovations
At the start of the Hannover Messe, Ottobock will be presenting three innovations for the Paexo product portfolio. These are additional products developed on the basis of specific customer needs:

  • Paexo Shoulder Jacket is a flame-retardant protective jacket for the Paexo Shoulder. It provides optimal protection when carrying out overhead welding work with the exoskeleton.
  • Paexo Cool Sleeve is a cooling sleeve that is compatible with the Paexo Shoulder. It cools the upper arms for up to ten hours, making overhead work more comfortable in warm environments.
  • Paexo Thumb Slim protects the thumb, for example during clipping, inserting or plugging tasks on assembly lines. The Slim version is especially suitable for more complex movements and can be worn under gloves.

13 April – Exoskeletons in use
At “Exo User Day”, the focus will be on examples of use in logistics and automobile production, including Daimler and Toyota. During the discussion, experts will share their experiences with exoskeletons and answer questions such as: What is the decision process before using exoskeletons like? What kind of experiences do employees have in their work routines with exoskeletons? How does introducing exoskeletons work in practice?

14 April – The future of exoskeletons
Dr Sönke Rössing will give us a glimpse into the future at this event – What will industrial workplaces look like in the future? How will industrial exoskeletons continue to develop in the next five, ten, twenty years? What impact will digitalisation and artificial intelligence have on work with exoskeletons?

15 April – Exoskeletons in logistics
On Logistics Day, 15 April every year, Ottobock Industrials presents exoskeletons and studies specifically for this sector. This day of action was initiated by the Federal Logistics Association BVL (Bundesvereinigung Logistik) in Germany. Experts will discuss the extreme strain employees face in the logistics sector, consequences for the sector and possible solutions.

Testing exoskeletons

Since 2012, Ottobock has been researching solutions to provide relief for people who perform physically demanding tasks and to create healthier working conditions. The medical technology company offers a wide range of exoskeletons and ergonomics solutions such as Paexo Back and Paexo Soft Back to relieve the back, Paexo Shoulder and Paexo Neck to assist with overhead work, and Paexo Thumb and Paexo Wrist to relieve the thumb or wrist.

Companies can test the Paexo Back and Paexo Shoulder under their own working conditions. Ottobock offers various test packages called “Experience packages” for this purpose, starting at 1,900 euros. An ergonomics expert from the Ottobock Industrials Team oversees the test phase, which lasts several weeks. Personal contact partners assist with selecting appropriate workstations, provide on-site training for employees, and are available to answer any questions and help with the evaluation.

Interested parties can obtain a personal quote and further details by e-mail ( or phone (+49 5527 848-1482). Further information is available at

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