Thursday, 25 June 2020

Ottobock selling Rehband activities

Rehband offers sports braces and protectors for hand, elbow, back, shoulder, knee, calf and ankle.

Sports braces and orthoses brand is being purchased by Eichsfeld-based entrepreneur

International medical technology company Ottobock has reached an agreement with Eichsfeld-based entrepreneur Christian Heublein on the sale of the Rehband brand, which comprises sports braces and orthoses. The two parties signed the contract at the end of May. With the closing of this transaction on 23 June 2020 Rehband stock in Duderstadt and the US as well as the patent, brand and design rights are being transferred to the newly founded company Rehband Ltd. Rehband had been part of Ottobock since 1994 and recently contributed less than one percent of the company’s total turnover of one billion euros.

“After analysing all options, we have decided to sell our Rehband activities in order to focus on our core business,” says Philipp Schulte-Noelle, CEO of Ottobock. “I am convinced that this new home will allow the Rehband brand to unfold its full potential, not least by further strengthening the e-commerce channel.”

Buyer Christian Heublein has extensive experience in e-commerce, marketing and sales in the braces and orthoses sector. He has already been marketing Rehband products on his well-established sales platforms for years. To ensure a seamless transition, Ottobock will be the buyer’s manufacturing partner for up to 24 months following the sale.

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