Monday, 05 November 2018

Philipp Schulte-Noelle to assume role of CEO on interim basis

Philipp Schulte-Noelle

Dr Oliver Scheel leaving the company

Under the chairmanship of Professor Hans Georg Näder, the Administrative Board has reached the decision to ask previous CEO Dr Oliver Scheel to step down from the company. Philipp Schulte-Noelle (CFO) is assuming the role of CEO with immediate effect and on an interim basis.

In 2017, Professor Hans Georg Näder took on EQT as a shareholder with 20 percent of the shares in his company. This was followed by the conversion of Otto Bock HealthCare GmbH into an SE & Co. KgaA in 2018, a step for which the Näder family had made extensive preparations. Oliver Scheel joined the company on 15 January 2018 as CEO and was responsible for Ottobock’s day-to-day business.

Professor Hans Georg Näder and Marcus Brennecke, who represents partner EQT on the Administrative Board, stated, “We would like to thank Oliver Scheel for his dedication in initiating the process of transforming Ottobock into an agile company and positioning it for a potential IPO. He has contributed his outstanding analytical skills both as a consultant to our operation and as managing director and dedicated his full commitment to moving the company forward.”

Ottobock’s management team has been complete since Schulte-Noelle took on the role of CFO in August 2018, and he will now be assuming the duties of CEO in addition to his previous remit. Together with Managing Directors Ralf Stuch (Chief Sales & Marketing Officer), Dr Andreas Goppelt (Chief Technology Officer), and Arne Jörn (Chief Operations Officer), Schulte-Noelle will successfully continue the growth that the company has already achieved.

“I am absolutely convinced that Mr Schulte-Noelle possesses the ideal experience and skills to fulfil the role of interim CEO and to work together with the managing directors to implement our clearly defined goals and the course we have set,” said Professor Hans Georg Näder. “Ottobock remains a unique and energetic company that is ready for the future and still upholds its values, including respect, trust and reliability, even after nearly 100 years!”

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