Tuesday, 12 May 2020

The C-Brace® leg orthosis – taking you further

Marjan from the Netherlands discovered the C-Brace® orthosis after more than two years in a wheelchair. Now, she can can walk again and play with her grandkids.

Ottobock launches international online marketing campaign

Emotional, authentic, personal – in its new campaign, Ottobock shows just how life-changing the C-Brace® leg orthosis can be. Short, documentary-style videos tell the moving stories of three patients with partial paraplegia from Germany, the Netherlands and the USA. One of them is Denise from Düsseldorf: Her right leg was paralysed after what should have been a harmless operation for a slipped disk. She was 29 years old at the time and initially dependent on a wheelchair. Today she no longer needs it thanks to the computer-controlled orthosis. “The C-Brace gave me back the freedom to choose for myself what I still want to achieve. I am going to make many more dreams come true for myself." Denise gets support from her children as well as her physiotherapist and new life partner Mark. "Not only have I developed a fighting spirit and a zest for life after this stroke of fate, it also led to a new love story."

In the digital campaign, the patients give honest and poignant insights into their lives before and after they were fitted with the C-Brace®. A second narrator serves to highlight the importance of relatives, friends and personal supporters during the healing process. "Our aim is to boost the courage of those similarly affected and to also express our appreciation for those who provide support and motivate the patients to make progress during the difficult times," says Erik Pahl, Head of NeuroRehabilitation at Ottobock. "These personal stories add tangible value to the product. For many people who are left with paralysis of the legs following an illness or an accident, the C-Brace can be the ideal device for helping them regain mobility and improve their quality of life."

The online marketing campaign "The C-Brace® – taking you further" will begin in Germany on May 13th and is scheduled to run for at least two months. Various video and image ads on channels such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube aim to address people with paralysis of the legs. You can request information materials on a landing page and learn about trial fittings provided by a medical supply company. Ottobock conceived and implemented the campaign with the gingermedia agency based in Berlin. The photographer is Antony Sojka. The Hungriger Hirsch agency based in Hamburg is responsible for activating the online marketing measures in Germany and the USA. Starting in July, the campaign will be expanded to the USA, and in late summer it will also be launched in the Netherlands. Further markets will follow in the autumn of 2020.

The three protagonists of the campaign:

  • As the result of an operation for a slipped disk, Denise (31) from Düsseldorf in Germany now suffers from partial paralysis in her right leg. The computer-controlled C-Brace leg orthosis has helped her to move freely again. A young mom with two children, Denise is now engaged to her physiotherapist and is continually setting new goals for herself to achieve with her C-Brace. Hiking in the mountains, for example, or dancing at her own wedding, or climbing the Eiffel Tower. She talks about her old and new life in this video.
  • David, who comes from North Carolina in the USA, used a wheelchair for seven years – before being fitted with the C-Brace orthotronic mobility system. The 36-year old soldier was hit by shrapnel in Afghanistan in 2012 and has suffered from paralysis of the legs ever since. A video from the new Ottobock online marketing campaign shows how David's father supported and encouraged him over the years, and how the C-Brace has changed his life.
  • When Marjan, who comes from the Netherlands, was diagnosed with cancer and told she had three months left to live, her life changed very abruptly. The 59-year old fought to survive so that she could watch her children and grandchildren grow up – and she won the battle against cancer. However, various operations left her with partial paraplegia. After more than two years in a wheelchair, Marjan discovered the C-Brace orthosis, which has enabled her to walk and ride a bicycle once again. In the new Ottobock online marketing campaign, she and her husband, Bert, tell her moving story.

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