Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Training completion ceremony at Ottobock

Back row, from left: Acting Supervisor Erik Albrecht-Laatsch, COO Arne Jörn, graduates Franz Schotte, Hannes Hoppmann, Sören Diedrich, Antonio Schulze and Trainer Ulrich Nikolaus MüllerSecond row, from left: Graduates Johannes Kistel, Mattias Hagemann, Luca Rink and Gregor Hellmold, Recruiter Jana Klingebiel, Trainers Carsten Beulke and Günther Rittmeier, Training Supervisor Heinz-Rüdiger Wüstefeld and Trainer Martin HoffmannFront row, from left: Head of Training Stefanie Senhen and Trainer Nicole Apel

Eight junior employees successfully complete their training

It was the moment Ottobock’s trainees and dual-study students had successfully worked towards – their training completion ceremony on 10 February! Eight young professionals from a wide range of vocational fields were bid a warm farewell, and seven of them were promptly welcomed back as new colleagues at the company.

The graduates had a chance to take one more look back at their time as trainees at the beginning of the ceremony. As a part of this, a photo display was included with snapshots taken at events for all the specialist areas and anecdotes from the past few years were shared by their trainers. Executive Director Arne Jörn followed this up with high praise for the graduates: “I’m proud of our junior employees and the fantastic results they have achieved.” He also stressed how important the topic of promoting specialist staff is to him personally and expressed his enthusiasm for the comprehensive training the company offers.

The ceremony for presenting the certificates brought together a wealth of combined expertise from the commercial, industrial, and technical areas. All of Ottobock’s training professions were represented – from industrial management assistant, to industrial and tool mechanics, all the way to the cutting machine operator. Sören Diedrich completed his dual Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and information technology at HAWK University of Applied Sciences, coming first in his class. In the future, seven of the graduates will work at iFab, in the forge, at MASC, in cutting operations, in location services as well in the area of software and electronics engineering at Ottobock. Industrial management assistant Matthias Hagemann is embarking on a full-time degree programme following completion of his training.

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