Paexo Shoulder exoskeleton

Benefits at a glance

Comfortable overhead work

The Paexo Shoulder is proven to relieve strain on your shoulder joints and upper arms during activities with the arms raised. The exoskeleton thus makes it possible to work above head and shoulder height comfortably for longer periods. You feel this relief immediately.

Full freedom of movement

Thanks to the biomechanical design, the Paexo Shoulder is body-friendly and follows all of your movements at work. You can walk and sit comfortably with the exoskeleton, and also pick up objects.

Lightweight and comfortable

The Paexo Shoulder is the lightest exoskeleton of its kind with a weight of less than two kilograms. It can be worn comfortably for more than eight hours while providing noticeable relief for the shoulders and arms during overhead work.

Individually adaptable

The Paexo Shoulder adapts to you. The initial adjustment to the individual body height takes less than five minutes. The level of support is also variable and can be adjusted to the user and specific activity.

Quick to put on and take off

After a familiarisation phase, it takes under 20 seconds to put on and take off the Paexo Shoulder. Thanks to quick and easy handling, the exoskeleton can be taken off between uses, for example when on breaks or when rotating workstations.


  • What is an exoskeleton?

    An artificial exoskeleton is a supporting structure worn on the body that relieves strain on the musculoskeletal system during specific activities. A distinction is made between passive and active exoskeletons. A passive exoskeleton does not need an energy supply, its function is purely mechanical. An active exoskeleton is equipped with sensors and motors. It therefore provides more support but depends on an external energy supply.

  • What is Paexo Shoulder?

    Paexo Shoulder is a passive exoskeleton from Ottobock that supports people who carry out physically demanding tasks with their arms raised on a daily basis. It relieves strain on the shoulder joints and upper arms, for example when performing overhead work in assembly or trades.

  • How does Paexo Shoulder work?

    Paexo Shoulder is worn close to the body, similar to a backpack. It transfers weight from the arms to the hips with the help of its supporting structures. With its intelligent, purely mechanical cable pull technology, the exoskeleton makes it easier to raise the arms and hold them up, thereby reducing uncomfortable load peaks in the shoulder and neck region.

  • Is the effect of Paexo Shoulder scientifically proven?

    Ottobock researched the influence of overhead exoskeletons on the body's biomechanics with experts during the development of Paexo Shoulder. A study on the effectiveness is being published soon. It documents highly positive results regarding relief for the entire body thanks to Paexo Shoulder.

  • What are the consequences of work above head and shoulder height for the human body?

    Manual work above shoulder and head height puts a lot of strain on the joints and musculature of the shoulders, arms and back. The neck muscles can also get very tense due to tilting the head back. This can lead to reduced circulation in the arms caused by reduced hydrostatic pressure in the blood vessels. That is why one can work for only a few minutes with the hands higher than shoulder height or overhead. Such activities can lead to work-related disorders of the musculoskeletal system over the long term.

  • Why is using Paexo Shoulder important?

    About one quarter (23.2%) of days missed because of inability to work in Germany are due to musculoskeletal disorders (data from 2013). This figure increases with age: among people older than 55, it already accounts for more than 35%. Thus the economic cost of musculoskeletal disorders is considerable (loss of gross value added: approx. EUR 20 billion, 2013 data) (see DGUV).

    There is a proven, direct relationship between overhead work and musculoskeletal disorders. Physical relief provided by exoskeletons can contribute to reducing work-related health hazards, time away from work and accidents. An exoskeleton can therefore make a major contribution to preventive healthcare for employees.

  • Does Paexo Shoulder weaken my arm or shoulder muscles?

    No, you still have to perform all movements yourself. The Paexo Shoulder exoskeleton merely reduces load peaks by redistributing loads.

  • Is Paexo Shoulder a performance-boosting exoskeleton?

    No, Paexo Shoulder provides relief and support for people. It improves ergonomics and can increase motivation, but it is not a performance-boosting exoskeleton.

  • Does Paexo Shoulder restrict my freedom of movement or limit my activities during breaks?

    The biomechanical design permits full freedom of movement. Thus you can sit down with the Paexo Shoulder or pick up fallen objects.

  • Can I adapt Paexo Shoulder´s level of support to my individual needs?

    Yes, the level of support is individually adjustable for people and activities.

  • For what body height is Paexo Shoulder suited?

    Paexo Shoulder can be adapted to body heights from about 160 to 190 cm.

  • Can several persons share a Paexo Shoulder?

    We recommend personal assignment of the exoskeleton. Only then can the optimum effectiveness of Paexo Shoulder be guaranteed. Sharing it with another user is also not recommended for hygiene reasons. However, Paexo Shoulder can be easily retrofitted and sanitised in order to assign it to a new long-term user.

  • How long does it take to put on and take off Paexo Shoulder?

    After a familiarisation phase, it takes only about 30 seconds to put on and take off.

  • Can I wear Paexo Shoulder all day?

    The period of use for Paexo Shoulder is not limited. Since Paexo Shoulder is easy to put on and take off, it can easily be removed when not in use, for example when rotating workstations or during breaks.

  • How much does Paexo Shoulder weigh?

    With its weight of less than two kilograms, Paexo Shoulder is the lightest exoskeleton of its kind.

  • What does Paexo Shoulder cost?

    We would be happy to make you an offer. Please contact us via contact form.

  • Are there any temperature fluctuation restrictions?

    Paexo Shoulder should not be exposed to excessive sunlight or temperatures below 5 °C or above 45 °C. Contact with heat, embers and fire should also be avoided.

  • How is Paexo Shoulder cleaned?

    The textiles of Paexo Shoulder are removable, washable and reusable. The technology components can be wiped with a damp cloth. A hygiene set for replacing the textiles can be ordered.

  • Where is Paexo Shoulder produced?

    Paexo Shoulder is made in Germany.


Please download file:

Exoskeleton Paexo Shoulder Study

Principle Study of the Effect of an Industrial Exoskeleton on Overhead Work

Paexo Shoulder exoskeleton at Baltic Yachts

A number of activities have to be performed above head and shoulder height when building motor and sailing yachts. That is why the Baltic Yachts shipyard in Finland tested the Paexo Shoulder exoskeleton in production.