Johannes Floors is Ottobock ambassador and world champion over 100 and 400 meters.

We support athletes at the Paralympics in Tokyo 2021

The 16th Summer Paralympic Games will be held from 24 August to 5 September 2021. A total of 4,400 athletes will participate in 22 disciplines and compete in 539 medal rounds. Ottobock will continue the company’s unique history at the Paralympic Games by once again serving as the Official Technical Service Partner in Tokyo and providing the athletes with free maintenance and repair services.

Meet our technicians

We want to give you insights into the great work of our global Ottobock technician team that will support the athletes in Tokyo in the Service Center.

Meet our technicians and get to know what they are passionate about!

This collection will constantly grow in the upcoming month in the preparation of the Paralympics in Tokyo in August.

Get to know our technicians

Julian Napp - Germany

Where do you work and what are your professional qualifications?
I work in the Patient Care Center Duderstadt in the field of orthotics, sports and support.

Number of years working at/ with Ottobock?
16 years.

What other Paralympic Games or sport event have you worked at? What was your role?
2012 London, 2014 Sochi, 2016 Rio, 2018 Pyoengchang as technician and technical director.

What was your favorite Paralympic memory?
There is not “one” special moment for me. There were many. Every time you can help an athlete and they can compete or when successful athletes come back to the workshop to say thank you. If you take a look outside of the workshop, the opening and closing ceremonies in London were unbelievable impressive so I will always remember.

What are you looking forward to in Tokyo?
I am really looking forward to the team and the work with different people from different cultures. In addition, in the last few years I have worked with a large number of athletes who take part in the competitions. I look forward to seeing if the work was worth it

Last but not least: Let us know what ‘See you in Tokyo!’ means in your language!
Wir sehen uns in Tokio!

Giant Allen Key goes to Tokyo

In preparation for the support at the Paralympics in Tokyo, our oversized allen key is going on a world tour starting at the end of February.

Here you can follow soon which stations the allen key has already traveled and meet the technicians who will provide technical support in Toyko.