Good health and well-being

We believe

Good health plays an essential role in all our lives, whether young or old. Our sense of well-being is closely linked to our physical and mental health. However, not everybody has access to good treatment and high-quality medical products at present because this often depends on whether health systems and health insurance providers contribute the necessary funding.

Our response

We help people with restricted mobility to retain or regain their freedom of movement. This has been our mission since 1919. Studies prove that our prostheses and orthoses play a key, long-term role in improving the quality of life of amputees and patients with neurological disorders such as a stroke, paralysis or multiple sclerosis. In each and every case, the focus is on finding the best possible individual solution for the patient or user in question. The role we play in improving people’s well-being and preventing the development of mental health issues is clearly documented in studies and clinical results. Supported by O&P professionals, we use these results to convince health insurance providers of the benefits of good treatment so more people have access to our devices.