SDG 10

Reduced inequalities

We believe

In order to reduce inequality and promote inclusion, we need to address social, economic and political disparities. Nobody should experience discrimination on account of age, gender, disabilities, ethnicity or economic/social status. The is the only way to create truly equal opportunities.

Our response

Our products and solutions are designed to help people with restricted mobility overcome or manage their limitations, enhancing their participation in economic and social life. Thanks to our high-quality prostheses and orthoses, users are more likely to be able to pursue their careers and play a more active role in their family lives. In this manner, we benefit people on a personal level as well as society at large. Another of our goals is to make treatment with suitable devices available to a greater proportion of the world’s population. To this end, we focus on sharing our expertise with developing countries and emerging economies, particularly by helping them to establish or improve their health networks and funding systems. Last but not least, Ottobock supports the Ottobock Global Foundation. Established by Professor Hans Georg Näder, this foundation is globally active and provides children and teenagers in need or in disaster regions with prostheses, orthoses and wheelchairs.