SDG 12

Responsible consumption and production

We believe

Due to the world’s growing population and demographic developments, responsible consumption and production are of crucial significance. Companies and organisations should handle natural resources responsibly and promote a circular economy. They can also help to increase transparency by publishing information on sustainable production patterns.

Our response

We believe that it is imperative to handle natural resources responsibly – for the good of the environment, and for the good of the economy. We are constantly working to make our production processes sustainable and use materials more efficiently in our production and in logistics, for example, by finding alternatives which require fewer resources and are more environmentally friendly. This includes using natural resources responsibly and developing new processes that require fewer materials (in particular, less plastic, wood and paper) and hence generate less waste. The aim is to keep materials in the loop for as long as possible. We are also committed to avoiding harmful substances, recycling materials and digitalising as many processes as possible.