SDG 13

Climate action

We believe

All companies and organisations need to take immediate action by introducing measures to combat climate change and by reducing the impacts of their own activities. Ongoing efforts to raise awareness of these issues boost acceptance of these measures among companies’ own employees.

Our response

As a manufacturer, we have a special responsibility to protect the climate. In addition to our response to SDG 12, which focuses on promoting environmentally-friendly production processes, we put climate action into practice in our strategy and corporate processes. Creating an environmental and energy management system helps us increase transparency with respect to our carbon footprint and take meaningful action. We are also committed to using energy from sustainable sources. At our headquarters in Duderstadt, virtually all our energy requirements are covered by our own biogas plant, and we plan to continue developing its capacity.

We also join campaigns such as “Germany in Bloom”, in which we are dedicating 3,000 m² of our land as valuable habitat for wildflowers and insects. We see this as a practical way to show our employees that everyone can play their part in protecting the climate and promoting biodiversity. To reduce traffic-related carbon emissions, we offer discounted leasing rates on lower-emission company cars and are also increasing the number of electric cars in our own company fleet. We also subsidise season tickets for local public transport and offer employees the opportunity to lease bicycles from Ottobock.