Microsoft Windows 8 or 10 Update Information

To use Ottobock software with Microsoft Windows 8 or 10, additional software components are required. The following steps must be taken to install these software components:

1. Please download, extract and execute the patch “Microsoft Windows 8 and Microsoft Windows 10 Components”.
Information: If a security prompt appears, you must acknowledge it.
2. In the following dialogue, select the "Download and install this feature" option, and then follow the instructions on the screen.
3. Then, continue the installation of the Ottobock software according to the accompanying instructions for use.

Information on the installation of the Ottobock software: PAULA, TF-Design or TT-Design:
If a dialogue window of the Program Compatibility Assistant appears, click the "Run the program without getting help" option.

Information for users of Ottobock products: 60X5 BionicLink PC, 60X1 USB-LWL-Adapter and 757M11 MyoBoy
To use these products with Microsoft Windows 8 or 10, the USB driver in version 3.0 is required. If this is not yet installed, the USB driver can be downloaded here.
Information: This process must be executed only once per PC system.

If assistance is required during the start-up, use or maintenance of the product, as well as in the event of unexpected operating behaviour or circumstances, contact the Ottobock office responsible for your country.

Last update: 22.10.2015

June 2013

Microsoft Windows 8 and Microsoft Windows 10 components

V 1.00

July 2013

USB-Driver (BionicLink PC 60X5, USB-LWL-Adapter 60X1, MyoBoy 757M11)

Version 3.0

- Windows XP 32-Bit
- Windows Vista 32-Bit
- Windows 7
- Windows 8
- Windows 10