Teleprosthetics: connect online now

Cockpit Connect allows
online prosthesis checks

O&P professionals can use the Cockpit Connect web portal to connect online with C-Leg, Genium and Genium X3 users. The portal offers insights into users’ activity data as well as status data from mechatronic knee joints. With this digital solution, Ottobock gives O&P professionals a tool they can use to support their patients remotely as well.

“Our goal is to make the relationships that patients and O&P professionals already share even closer and easier. What teleprosthetics means to us in this context is simply offering an additional digital channel.”

Florian Gishamer, Head of Connected Prosthetics at Ottobock

Video highlights

Experience digital treatment advances together with us.

  • Premiere – experts present Cockpit Connect to a professional audience for the first time.
  • Take a look over our shoulder – we demonstrate how Cockpit Connect works based on user data.
  • Outlook and next steps – we show you how Cockpit Connect integrates perfectly into the treatment process.


The Cockpit Connect web portal enables O&P professionals to view the status of the prosthesis.

Digital exchange

Thanks to the Cockpit app on their mobile, users can share key operating data from the prosthesis with the orthopaedics business.

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