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iFab stands for custom fabrication and cutting-edge services in orthopaedic technology. A team of specialists is there to support O&P professionals with the production of custom orthoses, prostheses and seating shells – ready in no time and tailored to the requirements. The digitalisation of the treatment and fabrication process offers numerous advantages, including convenient scanning, intelligent modifications, a simple product ordering process and fabrication with innovative methods. This makes providing personal care for patients the main focus.

“We support orthopaedic technology businesses of any size as they make the transition to a plaster-free workshop. We do this by giving them the digital tools they need to use our global iFab fabrication sites as their extended workbench.”

Marco Volkmar, Head of iFab at Otto Bock HealthCare Germany

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Learn more about what iFab has to offer:

  • Service portfolio – thermoplastics, fibre composite material, silicone, CAD CAM and 3D printing
  • Customer experiences – digital transformation in the workshop
  • Intelligent ordering systems – the iFab Customer Center (ICC)
  • Innovative fabrication – 3D printers and milling robots
  • Consulting – technical service and information sessions for new customers

Simply fast

Digital ordering via the iFab Customer Center

Simply intelligent

Taking measurements with TF Design, the software solution for the custom design of check sockets

Simply individual

Fitting the 3D printed MyNext MAFO ankle-foot orthosis

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