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iFab EasyScan – digital treatment made simple

Ottobock has developed a digital fitting process that lets O&P professionals get the job done without plaster and time-consuming modelling: the new iFab EasyScan solution consists of a scanner and a new scanning and modelling software package. The solution allows accurate visualisations, easy modifications and digital ordering methods for products. iFab fabricates and delivers the custom product.

“The new digital tools let O&P professionals place an even stronger focus on their patients. Because iFab takes care of certain processing steps in the treatment cycle.”

Marco Volkmar, Head of iFab at Otto Bock HealthCare Germany

Video highlights


  • How easy the new iFab EasyScanner is to use in a demo featuring a patient with a transtibial amputation.
  • How the scanning software – the iFab EasyScan app – works.
  • How scans are edited in the iFab Customer Center (using a modification process based on clinical practice).
  • How the desired product is ordered digitally and produced at iFab, for example, a 3D-printed ankle-foot orthosis.

Simply digital

Scanning with the new iFab EasyScanner

Simply convenient

Setting the orientation points for the scan

Simply innovative

Holding the product for the first time: MyNext MAFO, a 3D-printed ankle-foot orthosis

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