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Lamination resins vs. reinforcement materials

O&P professionals use a wide range of materials and substances in the production of orthopaedic devices. This includes various lamination resins and reinforcement materials with different characteristics. Which is the best material for which application?

“Prostheses and orthoses have to be lightweight, sturdy and fatigue resistant. That’s why we carried out intensive testing on various resin systems especially for lamination technology. Epoxy resins and vinyl ester resins offer the best prerequisites in this area. The new resin systems enable O&P professionals to treat a broader target group.”

Tino Hartmann, Senior CPO expert and trainer at Ottobock

Video highlights

  • Tino Hartmann, Senior CPO expert and trainer, explains the differences between acrylic, epoxy and vinyl ester resins.
  • CPO Drikus Reinecke demonstrates the processing of select products, from reinforcement to tempering: Orthopox, Orthovinyl, preforms and resin film.
  • The materials experts also offer processing tips for the preforms, Orthopox woven carbon fibre and Orthopox woven flex reinforcement materials.

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