Winning combinations

Enhanced dynamics for KAFO orthoses

A new combination is opening up more dynamic possibilities for O&P professionals when treating patients with lower limb paralysis: the Nexgear Tango ankle joint can now be integrated with the C-Brace® and E-Mag Active. The new knee-ankle-foot orthosis boosts safety and efficiency while walking and helps patients cope with their everyday lives.

“The combination with the Nexgear Tango ankle joint takes dynamic response to the next level for patients who use a knee-ankle-foot orthosis. And this benefit comes into play with stance phase-controlled orthoses and with our C-Brace system, which additionally controls the swing phase.”

Volker Schmidt, qualified O&P professional at Ottobock

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  • Other treatment options thanks to the new combination for ankle joints
  • Benefits for different indications
  • Clear, descriptive gait comparison videos and examples with patients
  • Features and technical details

New mobility

Melvin leads an active life – thanks to the C-Brace® orthotronic mobility system.

Greater mobility

Denise can play rough and tumble with her kids again. The C-Brace® in combination with the Nexgear Tango ankle joint helps her do this.

Incredible freedom

The Nexgear Tango ankle joint is integrated with the E-Mag Active here. The new knee-ankle-foot orthosis supports Beatrix in her free time.

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