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Mobile after amputation

Treatment immediately after an amputation requires close collaboration between many different participants: doctors, care staff, physiotherapists, O&P professionals and funding agencies. Their shared goal is to get patients moving as effectively as possible so they can lead a largely independent life and participate to the greatest possible extent. The “Mobile after amputation” initiative promotes collaboration in interdisciplinary teams for the best possible treatment.

“After speaking with patients, rehabilitation doctors and therapists, it became clear that rehabilitation after an amputation is a task for specialists. The ‘Mobile after amputation’ initiative promotes exactly this.“

Matthias Regenhardt, Market Manager in charge of “Mobile after amputation” at Ottobock

Video highlights

The concept behind “Mobile after amputation” centres on close collaboration throughout the entire treatment process – from the operation to rehabilitation to adjusting the prosthesis. An interdisciplinary team from Germany explains how the exchange of ideas works within the team:

  • Dr Jennifer Ernst from Universitätsmedizin Göttingen (University hospital) speaks about getting the participants involved even before the operation.
  • O&P professional Christian Haupt describes his role in the treatment team and explains the importance of getting patients moving early on with the Kenevo rehabilitation prosthesis.
  • Physiotherapist Markus Otto explains how he supports successful rehabilitation with gait training in particular.
  • Balazs Polonyi, Managing Director at Ottobock Hungary, offers an insight into how the concept is being implemented in his market.

The best treatment

Markus Otto, a physiotherapist from Reha-Zentrum Rainer Junge, helps his patient Detlef get moving.

Mobile during rehabilitation

The initiative supports Detlef as he works towards a day-to-day routine that’s as independent as possible.

Close collaboration

Specialists work closely with patients throughout the entire treatment process. In this picture, O&P professional Christian Haupt checks the settings of the Kenevo knee joint.

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