Artificial intelligence learns from people

Myo Plus pattern recognition: the new standard of care

From the first signal up to the final fitting, Myo Plus pattern recognition learns from users in order to intuitively control all MyoBock prosthetic hands and the Greifer at work and in everyday life. The innovative prosthesis control device has now been upgraded: thanks to feedback from O&P professionals and their patients, the Myo Plus app is now even more user-friendly and represents the new treatment standard with artificial intelligence.

“We’re convinced that the Myo Plus control device will become the new standard of care for myoelectric hand prostheses. Thanks to artificial intelligence, operating the prosthesis is intuitive.”

Martin Wehrle, Product Manager at Ottobock

Video highlights

Learn more about our innovations for prosthesis control devices, including:

  • A preview of the new version of the Myo Plus app
  • Information on the Myo Plus standard of care and how it interacts with MyoBock terminal devices
  • An insight into user perspectives: how the Myo cuff demonstrates the functionality of the future prosthetic hand during the initial signal evaluation

Wolfgang with the bebionic hand

“The prosthesis feels the same as the sound hand in your mind. I just make the ‘open hand’ movement with the phantom hand now, and the prosthetic hand opens.”

Lina with a hand integrating AI

Based on eight electrodes, the prosthesis control device picks up on movement patterns via Lina’s residual forearm. The artificial intelligence (AI) of the prosthesis control device assigns these patterns to specific grips and thus learns directly from the user.

Myo Plus app

Users can manage and practise controlling the prosthesis themselves on their smartphone. Movement patterns can be viewed directly in the Myo Plus app, so controlling the prosthesis is even more intuitive.

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