London 2017 World Para Athletics Championships

World Para Athletics Championships in London 2017, July 14- 23

Ottobock is the Official Prosthetic, Orthotic and Wheelchair Technical Service Provider for the World Para Athletics Championships in London.

With 1,300 athletes expected to compete in 213 medal events, Ottobock technicians will be busy repairing above-knee and below-knee prostheses, arm and leg orthoses, racing wheelchairs, throwing frames as well as any other equipment athlete rely on for competition and everyday life.

By the numbers:

  • 22 prosthetists, orthotists, wheelchair technicians and support staff
  • 2 welders
  • 5 languages
  • 2 technical service repair centers at the warm-up track and the call room
  • 100 square metres workshop space in the repair- and service center
  • 1800 spare parts that will be taken to London
  • 15 days of technical service will be offered
  • 1124 hours expected to be worked
  • 450 repairs expected to be carried out

Today’s figures from the Repair Center

Total repairs so far: 402

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Quote of the Day

"The increased use of equipment and competitiveness of athletes is reflected in the repairs we are seeing. After a crash on the warm up track three of the teams involved arrived together. There was a lot of tension. So as well as a wheel to re-align and fractured fork to repair, we did some peace-making and in the end it was a great example of sportsmanship as the teams worked with us and each other to get the repairs finished."

Ottobock Techncial Service Team manager Russell Pizzey

Welder Steffen from Germany is fixing two pieces of a wheelchair’s front castor.

The Swedish technician Jan is fixing a wheel of a daily life wheelchair.

Technicians Jan and Steffen are busy in the Ottobock Repair Service Center.

Ottobock technician Katy takes care of the throwing frame and fixes the seat for the Algerian athlete.

Ottobock technician Jan is using the sewing machine to fix the back of a wheelchair.

The racing wheelchair is being fixed again to be ready for the track.

Participating athletes

Athlete Discipline Results
Léon Schäfer (T42) 100m, 200m, long jump Gold medal 4x100m relay
Bronze medal long jump
Alexander Pototschnig (T47) 200m, 400m Personal best 200m
Personal best 400m
Martina Caironi (T42) 100m, long jump Gold medal 100m
Gold medal long jump
Kare Adenegan (T34) 100m, 400m, 800m Silver medal 100m
Bronze medal 800m
Bronze medal 400m
Sammy Kinghorn (T53) 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m Gold medal 200m in World record
Gold medal 100m
Bronze medal 400m
Marlou van Rhijn (T44) 100m, 200m Gold medal 200m
Silver medal 100m
Alicja Fiodorow (T47) 100m, 200m Silver medal 100m
Season's best 200m
Julie Rogers (T42) 100m 5th place 100m

Behind the scenes

At every Paralympic Games Ottobock prosthetists, orthotists, welders and wheelchair technicians work from specialized repair centres in the Athletes’ Village and competition venues. Get behind the scenes to learn about their challenging high pressure role.



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