Technical service at the Paralympic Games

Ottobock is responsible for providing free technical and repair services to Paralympic athletes – regardless of the brand of prosthesis, orthosis or wheelchair they use. We have been at every Paralympic Games since Seoul in 1988.

At the Games we set up workshops in the Athletes’ villages and selected venues, supported by a mobile unit. Staffed by a world-class team of O&P professionals and wheelchair technicians, our workshops are fully equipped with all the necessary spare parts. The athletes can therefore depend on their service and repair needs being met in a rapid and expert manner.

Ottobock made its debut as a technical service provider at the 1988 Paralympic Games in Seoul, where four O&P professionals from Australia set up a small pavilion to provide their services. At the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio, a 100-strong team made up of members from 29 countries was on hand to provide technical services. They put in over 10,400 hours of work, completing 2,408 repairs for a total of 1,667 athletes from 134 countries.

Always hives of activity, our workshops are often compared to motorsport pit lanes. However, unlike pit mechanics, our technicians provide their services to thousands of athletes, each with equipment fine-tuned to meet their individual needs. And at the Summer Games, they provide these services for 22 different types of sports. The technicians never know what to expect ahead of time.

Their work begins well before the athletes line up to compete for a medal, ensuring equipment is in full working order after transportation.

Over the years Ottobock’s workshops have not only become vital repair hubs for athletes, but also gathering places where Paralympic athletes come to enjoy a cup of coffee and reunite with technicians and friends from previous Games. The main workshop in the heart of the Athletes’ Village is now an established meeting point for the community of athletes.

Ottobock combines top expertise in the areas of innovative mobility technology and service with a wealth of knowledge that continues to grow from one Games to the next. The athletes can depend on the team to understand their technical requirements and provide expert repairs. We take care of the technical aspects so they can focus fully on their performance and the competition.

Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games

The sixteenth Summer Paralympic Games are being held from 25 August to 6 September 2020 in Tokyo Ottobock will once again be at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games as the Official Technical Service Partner, providing free maintenance and repair services to the athletes.


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