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With the ‘Genium Bionic – Prosthetic System’, Ottobock has made groundbreaking progress in the field of lower limb prosthetics. It is the result of extensive research and development efforts as well as practical experience with the C-Leg prosthesis system. Thanks to the latest computer, sensor and control technology, the functionality of the Genium far surpasses previous prosthetic solutions.



A perfect interplay of numerous nerves, tendons, muscles and bones makes the hand a unique, natural precision instrument. Modelling as many of its numerous functions as possible in a prosthesis is one of the greatest challenges for medical technology. The Michelangelo Hand and the Axon-Bus system are milestones on the path to perfection. With many degrees of freedom, they restore numerous functions of the natural model for the user.



Being the world's first stance and swing phase-controlled orthosis, the C-Brace opens up unforeseen possibilities in the field of neuro-orthopaedics. Thanks to its unique sensor technology, the system controls both the stance and swing phase in real time. This way, the C-Brace is able to optimise the gait pattern in every single phase.



With the Ventus, Ottobock has successfully developed a rigid-frame wheelchair that meets the differentiated needs of active wheelchair users. It combines outstanding quality, ergonomics and functionality with an appealing design at the highest level. At the same time, the Ventus meets the demand for mobility in all its facets at a very attractive price.