Friday, 25. August 2017

Ottobock extends partnership with German National Paralympic Committee

Bastian Effe (Deutsche Sport Marketing), Peter Franzel, Christin Gunkel, Thomas Diekhoff (Deutsche Sport Marketing), Thomas Urban (Deutscher Behindertensportverband), Daniela Drogge seal the successful extension of the partnership between Ottobock and the DBS.

Achieving more together

On 24 August 2017 Ottobock and the German National Paralympic Committee (Deutscher Behindertensportverband, DBS) confirmed the continuation of their partnership. Ottobock and the DBS have already been working together for seven years. Their shared goal is to provide better access to sports for people with limited mobility. They will also continue to pursue this goal together.

„We are very proud to extend this long-standing partnership. For many years, Ottobock is a reliable partner providing exemplary support during and outside the Paralympic Games” Thomas Urban, secretary general. The partnership is beneficial to both parties. Ottobock, the world market leader in the field of orthopaedic technology and the Paralympic movement’s longest-standing partner, has not only already been providing its technical repair services to the Paralympic athletes in the DBS on a regular basis for nearly 30 years, but to every other Paralympic athlete as well. In addition to its involvement in the Paralympic Games, Ottobock also provides interactive tools such as wheelchair courses and sports products for testing at DBS events. The aim is to highlight the challenges faced by people with disabilities in everyday life.

Concrete steps are also planned for the partnership in future which will make it easier for people with disabilities to take up sports: Products such as sports wheelchairs and running prostheses will be provided at clubs and associations to make participating in sports easier. Promoting awareness is also an important component, because the athletes – from up-and-coming talent to Paralympians – will only be able to pursue their passion for participating in sports to the full extent if they have the right equipment.

“Together with the DBS, we are committed to making it easier for young athletes to access their perfect sport prosthesis,” said Peter Franzel, Director of Sports Marketing & Sponsoring.

A good example of this are the Talent Days, which the company has already hosted. This project lets children and young people try out athletics disciplines together with trainers and instructors from the DBS. Ottobock technicians fit the participants with the right sport prosthesis. There are plans to continue this successful format in future as well. Introducing children to sports at an early age and helping them experience that sporting activities are fun even with a disability is indispensable to the children’s self-esteem and further development.

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