Ottobock O&P professional adapting a man’s C-Brace orthosis. Both people are sitting in a room on chairs.

Improving the quality of treatment – global and sustainable

We see Ottobock not just as a company, but also as an active member of society. That’s why doing our part to ensure sustainable development is a matter of course for us.

A trainer gives a presentation to a group of employees.
At the Ottobock Global Academy, specialists pass on their broad knowledge.

Continuing education in orthopaedic and rehabilitation technology through the Ottobock Global Academy

Sharing state-of-the-art specialist expertise, ensuring treatment quality and working to specifically counter the international shortage of skilled workers: With these aims, the Ottobock Global Academy promotes training and continuing education in the fields of orthopaedic and rehabilitation technology. The extensive and differentiated programme is designed for all experts involved in the patient treatment process. It also includes Ottobock employees worldwide to ensure they are qualified to advise and support customers and partners.

"Our awareness of people with handicap is not a matter of chance. Many barriers and inhibitions still have to be overcome, especially in developing countries and emerging markets. Despite our focus on innovation and outstanding technologies, we never lose sight of this mission."

Oliver Jakobi, Chief Sales Officer

Two men are standing at a workbench developing an orthopedic product
The International O&P School offers a comprehensive and practice-oriented training program.

Training through the Ottobock International O&P School

Our goal is to train personnel who are qualified in orthopaedic technology for developing countries and to create new jobs by expanding our Patient Care organisation. The Ottobock International O&P School has been responsible for this task since 2013. So far, we have trained 60 graduates for our own organisation and external partners such as the International Red Cross and German Federal Armed Forces. The course is certified by the ISPO (International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics) and takes eleven months. Graduates can use the specialist knowledge they have acquired to improve treatment in their home countries and train new specialists. Our foreign subsidiaries are dedicated to local training and continuing education as well.

Access to high-quality fitting solutions in emerging markets

Our vision is to provide access to high quality fitting solutions for people around the world. We share this vision with international partners such as the WHO and ATscale, the Global Partnership for Assistive Technology. Around one billion people are in need of a device. But especially in developing countries and emerging markets, there is often a lack of treatment structures, qualified specialists and a regulatory environment that ensures high-quality treatment. Moreover, devices are often not included in public universal healthcare, which ensures that people do not face financial hardship when they require treatment.

We are providing help in the coronavirus pandemic with our worldwide clinical network

The treatment situation has become even more acute since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. People with disabilities in particular are impacted by its effects, since essential procedures are not carried out or get postponed, extending their stay in hospital and increasing their dependence on care staff. In a position paper published by the GHA (German Health Alliance), we pointed out the importance of supplying devices during the coronavirus pandemic and spoke up for making devices part of universal healthcare and including service providers at the international level in support measures for healthcare professionals. We therefore work with international partners to improve treatment with prostheses, orthoses and wheelchairs on site. For example, we contribute to research projects set up by the WHO through our worldwide clinical network in order to develop appropriate measures to this end.

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