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Léon Schäfer

Léon Schäfer dreamed of becoming a professional footballer. But when he was twelve years old, he was diagnosed with bone cancer. He became a track and field athlete, and just seven years later, he competed in the Paralympic Games for the first time.

The starting gun for a Paralympic career

In 2016 Léon travelled to Rio de Janeiro at short notice as a member of the reserve team and experienced his first Paralympic Games there. Since then, his sporting career has taken off in every sense. In 2017 Léon won a bronze medal in the long jump at the World Para Athletics Championships in London. It was also in London that he made his first appearance as an Ottobock ambassador.

He won his first Paralympic medals at the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo. He secured bronze in the 100 meters and even the silver medal in long jump.

“Many successful athletes serve as ambassadors for Ottobock – Marlou van Rhijn, Anna Schaffelhuber and Heinrich Popow. It’s special to be one of them.”

Léon Schäfer, Para athlete and Ottobock ambassador

Léon Schäfer during his 100m sprint at the Para- Athletics World cup in London 2017
Léon Schäfer shares his passion for sports at the Running Clinics (© Getty Images for Ottobock)

Running Clinics – for the love of sports

In future, Léon will be supporting his friend and mentor Heinrich Popow at the Running Clinics. Ottobock and Heinrich Popow teamed up to develop the Running Clinics, which give amputees around the world the opportunity to test running blades and (re)discover their love of sport in the process. Léon is undergoing intensive training so he can work alongside Heinrich at the clinics.

“I’m excited to have Léon along,” said Heinrich. “The Running Clinics are sort of my baby. It’s always incredible to see people so happy when they run again for the first time. Léon has his heart in the right place and an attitude that will touch and motivate people.” Besides their friendship and the activities they both carry out on behalf of Ottobock, Heinrich and Léon are connected in another very special way: Léon’s sport prosthesis was the project Heinrich submitted for his final examination as an O&P professional.

Key facts

  • Nation: Germany
  • Year of birth: 1997
  • Sport: Para Athletics - 100 m, 200 m, Long jump
  • Classification: T63
  • Coach: Karl-Heinz Düe
  • Club: TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen

Victories and achievements

  • Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020:
    • Silber medal in long jump
    • Bronze medal on 100 m
  • Paralympic Games Rio 2016:
    • 4th place in long jump
  • World Para Athletics Championships Dubai 2019:
    • Gold medal in long jump (6.90 m)
    • Silver medal on 100 m (12.34 sec)
  • World Para Athletics Championships London 2017:
    • Bronze in long jump (6.25 m)
    • Gold in 4 x 100 m (42.81 sec)
  • Integrative Para athletics competition Leverkusen 2020
    • Gold medal in long jump (7.24 m - World Record)

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