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Noah Mbuyamba

In 2017, after a motorcycle accident in Indonesia, he lost his right leg

Goals, motivation and the right people by your side

Noah Mbuyamba successfully played football in the 3rd division in the Netherlands and always had been passionate about this sport.

His life changed in 2017, when he had a scooter accident on holiday in Indonesia. The medical facility did not recognize the compartment syndrome and the acute need for treatment. Five days after the accident, and five days after the blood supply of his right leg was cut off, Mbuyamba was brought to Singapore, where the doctors amputated his leg to safe his life.

"The ability to really set your mind on certain goals, find your motivation and the right people to choose your path with, is everything you need to reach anything you want. This does not only go for sports but for everything in life. I believe I can be an inspiration for others by showing how I live my life by these believes."

Noah Mbuyamba, Para athlete and Ottobock ambassador

His focus is Paris in 2024

One day after the amputation a nurse in the hospital told him "why don't you become the new blade runner" - and he developed a new passion. Half a year after his amputation he started running , got selected for the Dutch talent team and didn't stop training ever since.

He is aiming for his goal in 2024 - winning a medal in the 100 metres run at the Paris Paralympic Games.

Besides sports, his accident helped him in choosing his professional career: He is studying medicine and wants to become a doctor in the future.

Key facts

  • Nation: Netherlands
  • Year of birth: 1998
  • Sport: Para Athletics – 100 m
  • Classification: T63
  • Coach: Joachim Schwarzmüller
  • Club: AV Unitas

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