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Sofia Gonzalez

Due to a congenital deformation, Sofias' right leg was amputated when she was only three years old.

The feeling of speed is what she loves

Sofia Gonzalez always loved doing sports: Dancing, skiing and horse riding were her favourites.

In 2017, she participated in the Ottobock Running Clinic in Switzerland at the age of 14. Heinrich Popow showed her how to run on a running prosthesis and inspired her. She was thrilled by her possibility to run.

This was the beginning of her Para athletics career. "I love the feeling of speed when I run, to be able to run brings me joy and I am proud to be able to share my experiences and inspire others."

"I always tell myself that what makes me different is my strength and I want to show it to the world that even with an amputation you can accomplish great things and be proud of who you are."

Sofia Gonzalez, Para athlete and Ottobock ambassador

Ottobock ambassador Sofia Gonzalez at the long jump competition

The science of sport is also on focus

She ran her first race at the World Para Athletics Grand Prix in Nottwill, Switzerland - not even one year after she tried running on a running prosthesis. Since then, she has improved her 100 metres times and long jump results and finished 5th place at the World Para Athletics Championship in Dubai in 2019.

She qualified for the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo und achieved the top ten in long jump and in 100 meters sprint.

Aside from sports, she focuses on her internationale Baccalaureate degree in "sport science and business".

Key facts

  • Nation: Switzerland
  • Year of birth: 2001
  • Sport: Para Athletics – 100 m, Long jump
  • Classification: T63
  • Coach: Georg Pfarrwaller, Christian Dössegger
  • Club: CA Riviera, Plusport

Victories and achievements

  • Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020:
    • 7th Place on 100 m
    • 8th Place in long jump
  • World Para Athletics Championship Dubai 2019:
    • 5th place on 100 m
    • 9th place in long jump
  • Para Athletics European Championship Bydgoszcz 2021:
    • Bronze medal on 100 m and 5th place in long jump
  • European Para Athletics Championship Berlin 2018:
    • 4th place on 100 m
  • World Para Athletics Grand Prix Dubai 2018 and Nottwil 2019:
    • Silver medal on 100 m

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