Paralympic Games

Passion for Paralympics

Our partnership with the Paralympics started in Seoul in 1988. Ottobock has been at every Summer and Winter Paralympic Games ever since, paving the way for good sportsmanship and fair competition between the athletes.

Supporting athletes for 30 years

Ottobock has been proactively supporting Paralympic sports for over three decades. We are a loyal partner to the athletes and provide them with our services free of charge. Our passion for the Paralympics is an inherent part of our company’s DNA. We are proud to be able to support so many athletes with disabilities. In keeping with our motto “Passion for Paralympics”, we do everything we can for their mobility.

Outstanding athletic achievements and technical challenges

From the 100-metre dash to wheelchair basketball, and from the biathlon to sledge hockey – athletes at the Summer and Winter Paralympic Games perform amazing physical feats in numerous disciplines. Many athletes at the Paralympic Games use technical devices that are exposed to extreme stress and strain during their competitions. Wheelchairs in particular are often damaged during intense contact sports. In many cases, this can potentially put athletes out of the game. And this is why a technical service team is indispensable at the Paralympic Games. We take care of all the technical aspects so that Paralympians can focus fully on their performance and the competition.

Anna Schaffelhuber
The Paralympic Winter Games in Beijing will be exciting.

The Paralympic Winter Games in Beijing 2022

The 13th Paralympic Winter Games will take place from 4 - 13 March 2022. Ottobock is once again supporting all athletes with its Technical Repair Service on site in the Paralympic villages and in the sports venues.

Beijing 2022 in numbers:

  • 600 athletes, 6 sports, 78 events
  • 3 Technical Repair Service Center
  • 42 Ottobock team members
  • 500 expected repairs
Close-up of a technician’s hands as he works on an Ottobock leg prosthesis.
Our Technical Repair Service Centers are equipped with all the necessary spare parts.

24-hour technical service: Our contribution to the Paralympic Games

Ottobock attends the Paralympic Games with an on-site, international team of technicians. We set up Technical Repair Service Centers close to the Athletes’ Village as well as in selected training facilities and venues. We also have a fully equipped mobile Technical Repair Service Center.

Experienced O&P professionals, wheelchair specialists and welders ensure that equipment is professionally repaired and maintained – regardless of the athletes’ nationalities or the brands of their prostheses, orthoses and wheelchairs. We’re there to help – even if athletes just need support with their everyday devices.

Before the medal rounds begin, our Technical Repair Service Centers work flat out to ensure sports equipment has not been compromised during transport and is functioning exactly as it should.

Ottobock ambassadors Vinicius Rodrigues and Léon Schäfer after the 100 meter final at the Paralympics in Tokyo. (© Getty Images for Ottobock)

Review Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games

The 16th Paralympics Summer Games took place from 24 August - 5 September 2021. As an Official Technical Service Partner, Ottobock again provided the athletes with a free maintenance and repair service in Tokyo and carried out a total of 2,083 repairs on wheelchairs, prostheses, orthotics and competition equipment.

Three technicians in the Technical Repair Service Center repairing various components of athletes’ equipment.
The technicians in the Ottobock team have a broad spectrum of skills and speak a wide range of languages.
An Ottobock technician makes sure a socket is properly prepared for a prosthesis.
Our technicians never know what's coming next.

Pit stop at Ottobock

Our Technical Repair Service Centers are often buzzing with activity. Some people compare them with motorsport pit lanes for this reason. But unlike pit stop mechanics, our team of technicians carries out repair and maintenance work for thousands of top athletes who use custom equipment to compete in various types of sports. Fulfilling this task calls for specialist knowledge and the ability to work under high pressure. Just like the pit stops in Formula One, technical support is provided as a united effort in the Ottobock Technical Repair Service Centers.

Ottobock ambassadors

Ottobock supports athletes from all over the world who compete in a wide variety of sports at many different levels. These athletes share our passion for Paralympics and are dedicated to working with us as ambassadors to promote sports and an active lifestyle for people with disabilities.


How it all began: a technical service tradition

Our commitment to the Paralympic Games began in 1988. Four O&P professionals from Australia recognised the need to offer athletes maintenance and repair services for their sports equipment at the Summer Paralympic Games in Seoul. The technicians from Ottobock spontaneously set up a tent that served as a workshop.

Over the years, this improvised workshop developed into a major feature, and we’ve been at all the Paralympic Games ever since. We have also provided our technical service at national and international sports events such as the Commonwealth Games and World Championship events.

At the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio, a 100-strong team made up of members from 29 countries was on hand to provide technical services. The technicians put in over 10,400 hours of work, completing 2,408 repairs for a total of 1,667 athletes from 134 countries.

Moving with and for each other

Our longstanding partnership with the Paralympic Games is based on the trust that the athletes place in us. They rely fully on our ability to understand their technical requirements and provide expert repairs. That’s why it’s important to us that we learn from one another and continually develop our expertise from one Paralympic Games to the next.

“Paralympic sports have their very own spirit and feel unlike anything else. It’s all about motivation, not just for people with amputations and disabilities, but rather for society as a whole. It demonstrates that overcoming your boundaries is up to you. You can achieve anything as long as you believe in it and work hard for it. Athletes who achieve top results at the Paralympic Games are role models for society.”

Heinrich Popow, Ottobock ambassador, multiple Paralympic Games winner, World Champion and European Champion

As part of our commitment to the Paralympic Games, we are also involved in training O&P professionals for sports-related services, improving the availability of equipment to athletes in developing countries and raising public awareness of Paralympic sports. We regularly host events and exhibitions that help to gently break down barriers and address fears and misconceptions. At the same time, we also foster an awareness of the technology that Paralympic athletes use.

A group of women training at a sports ground and running with running blades.
Achieving great things together – with courage, determination, inspiration and equality.

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