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1C59 - Pies

Taleo Adapt

Tipo de productoPies protésicos de material compuesto
Grado de movilidad3, 4
Peso corporal máx.130 kg
Todas las especificaciones
Todas las ventajas de un vistazo
Close-up of Carlos walking down a slope with the Taleo Adapt.
Slopes are no longer a challenge

When walking and standing on slopes, the prosthetic foot enables a more natural gait pattern and high socket comfort. Walking down slopes becomes more controlled and results in reduced residual knee joint loading.

Carlos sits relaxed on a chair with his Taleo Adapt prosthetic foot.
Relaxed sitting

The ankle unit adds range of motion to the foot so you can position the Taleo Adapt more naturally on the floor and have increased residual limb comfort while sitting.

Close- up of Carlos' Taleo Adapt prosthetic foot in a water basin.
Open the floodgates

Is water your element? The Taleo Adapt is your trusty companion through a rainstorm, when swimming in the sea or splashing around in the pool. The foot is waterproof and won't hold you back.

Carlos playing golf with his Taleo Adapt prosthetic foot.
As individual and flexible as you are

The Taleo Adapt is individually adapted to your needs so that you can concentrate fully on your everyday life and the next activity: The next slope at the pedestrian crossing, uneven terrain on a walk in the forest, leaning against the wall talking to your friends. The prosthetic foot supports you!

Close-up of Carlos walking barefoot with his Taleo Adapt.
Smooth rollover for easy walking

Thanks to the hydraulic ankle unit, the Taleo Adapt's seamless rollover from heel strike to toe-off allows easy and comfortable walking without a dead spot. It lets you move smoothly when spontaneously changing speed and direction.

Carlos walks straight ahead with his Taleo Adapt.
Energy-efficient walking

You don't have to worry about spending the entire day on your feet with the Taleo Adapt. Whether you’re covering longer distances or varying your walking pace – the carbon foot supports every step you take.

Side view of Ottobock foot options.
More than a prosthetic foot. A foundation.

The prosthetic foot makes a difference in the success of your treatment. Learn more about prosthetic feet in general and our other foot options here.

Experiencia de usuario


Carlos is a golf professional which is why you find him on the golf course most of the time. “With the prosthesis that I have, I feel like I can push the limit and do whatever, there is no fear. I like the way that there is flexion, movement in my ankle. It feels pretty close like how my other leg feels.”


Información del producto

Tipo de productoPies protésicos de material compuesto
Grado de movilidad3, 4
Peso corporal máx.130 kg
Altura de amputaciónAmputación transtibial, Amputación transfemoral

Archivo del producto

Grado de movilidad3, 4
Peso corporal máx.130 kg
LadoIzquierda, Derecha
Tamaño (medidas)22-30 cm
Peso (sin funda)617 g*
Color funda de piecolor de la piel 4, marrón claro 15
Peso con funda de pie normal885 g*
Altura del sistema114 mm
Altura de montaje132 mm
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